Michael has been in the industry for over 20 years, spend time in he's youth working in the Building and Pool industry with such companies as Mutual Pool and Spa's. He is person who loves the environment and believe that the landscape and the house should flow as one.
Michael have been in the Industry since October 1995 were he start maintaining Prestige Properties for meany year around Sydney Northern Suburbs and work he's way into Landscaping. He has gain the qualification as a Trade Landscaping as well as being a Qualified Horticulturist. He later developed he's skills in water wise garden, low maintenance garden and Australian native Plant, he has combine this knowledge to create a garden that is easy care for the busy working Families as well as knowing how to design a garden for parent with A.S.D children.

Michael is a designer at heart, but has the knowledge too, he can oversee the project from design through to finish construction and get qualified Tradesman to do the work as well as keep the standard to it highest for better results. He can work out a Design for your garden or outdoor Landscape to what you require, as well as coming up with idea that will suit your needs or Life style. If you have an Idea Michael will take it on board and place it into the Design.

Michael design mainly Australian Native garden in a contemporary Design with the use of colour and creating little room within the landscape, but can also create any garden Style to suite you and what your require. No matter what style, colour or theme you require, Michael at Angle Landscape design can create your next piece of Paradise in your own backyard . Inter creating a piece of paradise that you will love to spend time in and eager to get home to.